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Chiron Consciousness

Mindset. Philosophy. Way of life.



Chiron, the "wounded healer", who according to a greek myth, was a centaur who healed others.
In astrology, the comet that was discovered in 1977, rules over our core wounds and traumas that we carry in ourselves throughout our lives. By working on your Chiron, you unlock yourself to reach your full potential.
And that's where Chiron Consciousness comes in.


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.” C. G. Jung

Client Reviews

Very accurate readings and amazing advices highly recommended 10/10!


The 3 month transit reading was spot on! It was very easy to understand and had good mundane tips for my work problems!


Simo always has the answer even if i don't always take it lol.


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