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Global transit series part 2: Lunar Nodes entering Aries-Libra axis 17th of July

Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes, what are they exactly?

Although Lunar Nodes are not planets, but mathematical points in Moon's orbit, they are still very important part of the global astrological transits. They transit signs for about 18 months always opposite eachother, and as they are ingressing into Aries-Libra axis, we are shifting away from old themes of Taurus & Scorpio.

Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio axis

This past 18 months we have seen a lot. As the economy has faced tough moments from energy crises and the Russia-Ukraine war (or special operation, depending on what's your perspective), the themes of strong emotions and extreme desires versus material and non-material happiness have been on the table. How have your desires and happiness goals changed? Have you changed what you value more? Most of us have learned a lot on what do we need to make us feel happy. Do we desire all things to be shimmering gold and status symbols, or do we only wish for financial freedom? Is our happiness in driving a fancy Mercedes-Benz and living in a big house or mansion, or do we wish to connect with the nature and be free to travel the world without financial burdens and meet awesome people and just experience the love of culture and diversity of life? What is intimacy and love to us, and how do we express it?

Surely, not to go too much into political matters, there are now many people fleeing the conflict of two countries who have lost the most during this time, if not everything through one man's extreme desires to own something he cannot have. This has prompted a change in value system for all of us and given us alternative perspectives, especially in Europe. There are plenty of us here who don't wish for great wealth, but to live in peace and enjoy life, feel the sunshine, rain and the soft touch of nature. Even if you lost your house/appartment and wealth, there still is the clean forrests and lakes, and friendly people who receive you with open arms.

Another, less known effect of this transit has been ridding ourselves of toxins and bad things we put in our body. This includes both food and drink, as well as drugs of all kinds. In the last 18 months, i've heard stories of many people changing their diet and quitting alcohol & smoking both tobacco and cannabis, while those who have stayed with escapist tendencies and refused to evolve have lost a lot of good things. (For the record, writer does not judge or take part in the debate what is good for you and what is not, as all of these are personal choices and part of our own personal evolution and journey).

North Node traveling through Taurus has reminded us what gives pleasure and makes us happy at our highest potential, while South Node in Scorpio reminded us of our detriment if we surrender to extreme desires, manipulation and hurt others at our lowest potential and resist the change. Knowing what we want, and staying conscious about it has been the theme in the last 18 months. While no sign or energy of them is not bad at their core, finding the balance is the key. All the signs are capable of losing focus and appreciation, and falling to their detriment. While we all make mistakes sometimes and nobody is perfect as life teaches us, we can always choose to learn from those mistakes. To quote one of my personal favorite artist Dizzy Wright, "I never lose, I only win or learn, it's all about your state of mind!"

(Song: Dizzy Wright - State of Mind)

Nodes in Aries/Libra axis

Now as life has taught us recently what is it that we want and what do we value, now it's time to learn about action, assertiveness, difficult decisions and how to go after our desires. Surely, many of us struggle with indecisiveness and people pleasing (negative potential associated with Libra), but by reaching for our highest potential, we can go after what we want, assert ourselves, and take action to achieve it! (Positive potential associated with Aries).

This time is bound to bring up questions on me versus them, staying single or being in a relationship, will we express ourselves as individuals or keep our identities compromised because it's uncomfortable for others, do we keep the peace to avoid problems or do we want to address the problems and face them head on? Will we decide and go after what we want or stay in the limbo of staying stagnant?

Matters of restrictive relationships and codependency are going to be theme in the next 18 months, and going after what we want regardless of what those around us think. Most people are expected to stay indecisive and unsure on what to do and where to go at first, deep in the herd mentality like crabs in the bucket who pull those down who try to escape the group. Then there are those who will immediately seize the moment and go after what they want. This shift will depend on our personal evolution and transits, and whether we already know what we want and how do we get it.

I can already see the energy shifting regarding people who are unhappy in relationships where there is no space for individual expression, pondering about the possibility of break-up because they're unhappy or restricted. I find it highly likely that those with bad relationship experiences either now or in the recent past deciding to stay single until the right time. While this is all part of our evolutionary, karmic journey, it is not always necessary to walk away from stagnant situations. Those willing and able to grow together, may stay together even if this means that the energy of the relationships is likely to change all over the globe in great ways. This 18 month transit will be further emphasized through Venus retrograde from 22nd of July to 3rd of September which will kickstart the season, giving us the chance to review our relationships and patterns in them, regarding matters that need to be worked on. More information regarding Venus retrograde is available in my previous blog post.

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