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Mercury Retrograde from 23rd of August to 15th of September

Mercury retro-what?

Let me first explain both of those terms!

Mercury in astrology is the planet ruling intelligence & rational thinking, mentality, communications, transportation and memory. It also rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Retrograde means that planet appears to be moving backwards on it's orbit from earth's point of view, so it is bit like an optical illusion. This is a time when the energy of that planet diminishes and turns inwards. Astrologically, this is considered a time of re-evaluation and reviewing the energy of that planet, sign and the aspects that it makes during this retrograde. Retrograde begin with something called shadow phase during which, before the retrograde the issues are beginning to make themselves apparent, and another one after during which we re-assess what has been learned during the retrograde. For Mercury retrograde, these shadow-phases are approximately 2 weeks long.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is one of the most commonly known terms of astrology, as it has made it's way into mainstream. As retrogrades go, we are re-visiting many themes from the recent past, and with Mercury more so than with other planets. And what partly makes it so infamous astrological event, is that it is a 3 week period that happens 3-4 times a year. No wonder it is known, if it rules +2 months in one year!

During this retrograde, there is an abundance of;

-Technical difficulties


-Electronical devices get lost and broken


-Misunderstandings and miscommunications

So how should i cope with it? Mercury retrograde is not something to fear, as it is a time of

re-visiting past matters and conversations (even if quite often your ex might come back for whatever reason). However, i have constructed this general guide just for YOU to help you through it!


-Expect delays and interruptions

-Re-check schedules & Re-calculate time for them

-Re-check done work, emails & texts

-Re-think how you express yourself

-Re-check your travel documents & needs


-Begin new projects, but finish the old ones

-Make any big decisions

-Sign any legal contracts or make verbal commitments

-Buy expensive products

-Begin dating / go on dates with someone new (these relationship may be doomed with long-term communicational issues)

Overview of Mercury Retrograde of August 2023

Mercury began it's pre-retrograde shadow phase around 9th of August and retrogrades from 23rd of August until 15th of September. Afterwards, it will also experience the post-retrograde shadow phase until 29th of September.

Although this particular retrograde has a bad reputation, it is more positive one than usual, as it is sextile to Moon and trine to Uranus at +1°, as Moon is in negative opposition to Uranus.

The opposition of Moon and Uranus gives emotional instability and anxiety, acting as friction for positive changes during this time. However, the positive aspects mellow out the emotional instability some and grants us curiosity, flexibility and open-mindedness as well as flashes of insight and out-of-the-box thinking. We will be looking at past matters mentioned above anxiously, and finding solutions through unusual ideas and ways.

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